About the company

Rural 2 Global is a unique Bangladeshi global supply-chain hub, commits to maintain sustainable growth on environment & society by executing its’ business operation. At Rural2Global, we are truly committed to provide high quality products.

Our Coverage Focuses Are


RMG Products

The mass production of clothing business is titled as Readymade Garments (RMG). RMG becomes the backbone of the economy of Bangladesh as because it has expertise on RMG. Rural 2 Global provides the best and high quality RMG products to its clients.



Handicraft is a kind of work where valuable and enlivening things are made totally by hand or by utilizing just some basic instruments. It is typically named as customary methods for making products. Rural 2 Global is a manufacturer, retailer, and wholesaler of handicrafts products. It has extended its business all through the world on the premise of reasonable exchange standards. All items are delivered after cautious investigation of western taste and requests as far as plan and materials.


Agro Products

Bangladesh is a thickly populated agro based nation blessed with good condition. Hard workers with extraordinary talent have contributed commendably to make it make it more sustainable. Rural 2 Global commits to serve the best quality of agro products throughout this planet earth.

Jute Products

Jute is one of a kind blessing in nature. Along these lines, we guarantee not to taint our jute item with any added substances unsafe to humanity. We urge our farmers to harvest raw material jute fiber. Rural 2 Global is an exporter and wholesale suppliers of wide range of Jute Bags and various jute made household accessories of Bangladesh.

How it works?

• Product development and sampling for buyers.
• Finding good suppliers for their buyers.
• Order processing from local vendors.
• Contacting with buyers and taking approval on developments, samples, swatches, strike offs etc.
• Forwarding buyers comments on samples and buyers requirement to vendors.
• Giving local approvals to vendors.
• Follow up order processing with vendors (export houses).
• Take care of product quality from sample development to final inspection.
• Conducting social compliance audit at vendor factories.
• Shipping and logistics.

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Our goal is to provide our clients with a high quality product that meets their quality expectation.

Rural2Global maintains quality assurance staffs to assist in the selection and development of manufacturers who manufacture products according to Standards and who meet weave R2G. policy, principles and guidelines. This field function is also responsible for monitoring production as it is being made and communicating with the buyers and production representatives their findings

Customized solutions to global clients must be provided as per their requirements and to achieve consistent high quality levels and on-time delivery schedules, through a team of committed personnel and a proven set of vendors with world class manufacturing facilities.